Spirit of Japan

New YoPo Releases for July 2017 The Spirit of Japan Two brand new albums of music called The Spirit of Japan Volumes 1 & 2 have just been released. As featured on the recent BBC series "The Art of Japanese Life" the tracks draw inspiration from traditional...

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Recycling unwanted CDs

Having stopped supplying YoPo Music on CD several years ago I have been trying to find a way to recycle the thousands of CDs built up over years and years of releasing albums on this format. They appear to be impossible to recycle, apart form the paper inserts....

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Watermarking your audio files

If you have audio files that you would like to protect, then one way to do this is audio watermark them. In other words, add an extra piece of audio, like a voiceover or sound effect, to the audio file that repeats perhaps every ten seconds or so. If you have a lot of...

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Sound Effects Collection No 1 Out Now

Packed full of 50 brand new British sound effects, YoPo's new album Sound Effects Collection No 1 contains an eclectic mix of soundscapes and effects. Take a listen to some of the sounds from the album.   Available to immediately download now in WAV and MP3...

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