Copyright and Licensing terms

YoPo Production Music Library Licence. Sounds Visual Music Ltd. (the Licensor) is the owner of the copyright in all the material in the YoPo Production Music Library (the Works). All YoPo Music is non-mcps and non-ppl.

The company or person downloading or supplied with YoPo Production Music (the Licensee) is granted a non-exclusive licence to use the Work(s) on synchronised productions, Worldwide, in perpetuity (i.e. no time limit)  subject to the conditions set out below. Copyright of the music remains with YoPo Music | Sounds Visual Music Ltd. No MCPS or PPL licence is required to dub the music onto your productions.

All productions supplied to broadcasting companies must have attached full credit details of the composer, the track used and the use duration with the obligation of the broadcast company to make the appropriate notifications to the Performing Right Society (if not United Kingdom useage the appropriate overseas PRO – ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, etc.), by which it is licensed for broadcast of copyright music. Where possible please ensure that the composer is credited.

No other form of copying or use of the Works is authorised and this licence is limited to the original purchaser of the music. You may not re-sell any YoPo Music tracks as your own. It is strictly forbidden to re-mix any track and then re-package/distribute/sell as your own “music only” material. You are not permitted to make a derivative work. The music must be synchronised with another production aspect e.g dubbed onto a film, mixed under a voiceover etc – it is not permitted to use the music as a stand alone product. Copyright of the music remains with Sounds Visual Music Ltd – you have bought a licence to use the music on your productions. If using the music for distribution in tangible products like CDs and DVDs there is a limit of 5000 copies. To extend this please contact us for a quote.

In summary, YoPo Buyout Music does not require a MCPS, PPL or mechanical licence to use in your productions. If the music is to be publicly performed or broadcast, the establishment or broadcasting company must hold a PRS or equivalent PRO licence and you must ensure that the correct track title and composer name are passed to the broadcaster. Contact us for assistance if required. In the UK, use of the music on YouTube is understood to be already covered by the site owner’s licence, so you (the producer or production company) do not need a PRS licence for placing a video using YoPo Music onto YouTube.

If you have any questions about licensing please just contact us.Click here to email us

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