At YoPo Music we now have a new section called Voiceovers and On Hold Messages. As well as providing voiceovers for corporate productions we are now offering custom made and off the shelf on hold messages and pre-recorded on hold messaging for business.

Here’s an example of some on hold messages for business recorded with a professional voiceover and music.



When customers call your business and are placed on hold, professionally produced ‘on hold messaging’ can politely remind them that they are on hold but that you haven’t forgotten about them, subtly inform about new products and services, and hopefully keep them on the line with professional sounding voiceover and appropriate music or soundscapes.

“Music On Hold” versus “Soundscapes On Hold” versus “Silence”
Silence is golden – well for some it is. Others would prefer to listen to something whilst being placed on the dreaded “On Hold”. The music we use at YoPo is specifically designed to be non-obstrusive but without being bland. The problem with using your own favourite style of music is that it’s probably not going to be your client’s favourite. If you think “jazz” might be great – all well and good except for the caller who happens to think that “there are two types of jazz…and they’re both dreadful!” So care has to be taken choosing music for on hold messages.

At YoPo we also produce on hold messages using soundscapes instead of music. The sound of birdsong, ocean waves and other natural sounds can be more calming than music, and very effective for on hold messages. It all depends on what you think your customers will appreciate and what reflects your business best.

Here’s an on hold messaging production using birdsong as a background.


Custom Made or Off the Shelf
You can either have your on hold messages specially recorded and produced or you can choose from our growing selection of pre-recorded on hold messages and answerphone packages.

Custom On Hold Packages Special Offer from £75 + vat

  • Professional male or female voiceovers
  • Music bed or natural soundscapes mixed with voiced messages
  • Up to 90 words of voiced text
  • Flexible and affordable rates to update your package in the future
  • Pro mastering in MP3 or WAV format. CD mastering also available
  • Scripting service available at an additional cost

If you’re looking for a cheaper off the shelf solution please see the pre-recorded audio files available for immediate download, priced from £4.99 further down the page.

Custom made and pre-recorded on hold message packages and recordings are licensed for use by one business or company in one location only. They may not be re-licensed, sold on, amended or edited. If you have any questions about licensing please just contact us.
It normally takes 2 days to deliver your custom made telephone audio to you. If you need it more quickly, it is sometimes possible to provide a 24 hour service.
For a limited period we’re offering a free demo to businesses. See how good your on-hold audio could sound. Contact us to find out more.Click here to email us
The best way to contact us is via email.Click here to email us

Off the Shelf
The advantage of using an off the shelf pre-recorded on hold message answerphone recording is that it is much cheaper to buy – and with YoPo you can download it instantly and use it straight away.
To see what’s on offer take a look here.
The on hold messaging team has a wealth of experience recording and producing telephone on hold messages and IVR for companies across the UK. Do get in touch if you would like to discuss a project.

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