Packed full of 50 brand new British sound effects, YoPo’s new album Sound Effects Collection No 1 contains an eclectic mix of soundscapes and effects.Sound Effects Collection No 1 150
Take a listen to some of the sounds from the album.


Available to immediately download now in WAV and MP3 format – Click here to preview all the tracks and purchase your copy.



01 Fog Horn Single Car Ferry

02 Fog Horn Multiple Car Ferry
03 Ferry 3 short blasts as it goes astern out of harbour
04 Fog Horn Blast Small Manual Handeld Type
05 Fog Horn Signal from Vessel restricted in a bility to manoeuvre Long short short
06 Car Ferry deck full in port waiting to depart
07 Car ferry restaurant plus tones towards the end
08 Car ferry underway on deck nearer front of ship crossing English Channel
09 Car ferry underway on deck pointing towards stern crossing English Channel
10 Car ferry underway on deck midships
11 Coach or bus pulls away into traffic
12 Crowd applause cheering and whistles
13 Crowd applause then laughter at comedy show
14 Crowd bigger double laugh
15 Crowd laughs 1
16 Crowd laughs 2
17 Crowd laughs 3
18 Crowd laughs twice 1st long 2nd short
19 Crowd Laughter StandUp Comedy 1
20 Crowd Laughter StandUp Comedy 2
21 Crowd Laughter StandUp Comedy 3
22 Crowd Laughter StandUp Comedy 4
23 Crowd Laughter StandUp Comedy 5
24 Crowd Laughter StandUp Comedy 6
25 Crowd Laughter StandUp Comedy 7
26 Crowd Laughter StandUp Comedy 8
27 Crowd Laughter StandUp Comedy 9
28 Crowd Laughter StandUp Comedy 10
29 Crowd raucous laughter at comedy show
30 Crowd small laugh
31 Crowd small laugh 2
32 Crowd small laugh 3
33 Expectant street crowd waiting for olympic torch relay
34 English Public House busy bar
35 Blackbird in dawn choris Isles of Scilly
36 Dawn Chorus Isles of Scilly
37 Dawn Chorus 2 Isles of Scilly
38 Dawn chorus within city
39 Dog Eating Meat and Biscuit
40 Dog drinking
41 Burp
42 Footsteps in crunchy frozen snow
43 Front door opened to urban hubbub and closed
44 Back door opened and slammed shut
45 Diesel Air Heater Start Run Stop
46 Electric Fan Heater
47 Cavity Wall Insulation Filling Recorded from inside
48 Cavity Wall Insulation Filling Recorded from outside 1
49 Cavity Wall Insulation Filling Recorded from outside 2
50 Drill into power drill chug and manual tighten