The Sounds of Manhattan and New York

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The Sounds of Manhattan and New York  £24.99


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The Sounds of Manhattan and New York City
Recorded in Manhattan in 1994

44 sound recordings capturing the unique sounds of the city and surrounding areas.
01 Manhattan traffic
02 Manhattan traffic 2
03 Grand Central Station main concourse
04 Grand Central Station busy stairwell
05 Grand Central Station train departing
06 Subway ticket hall
07 Subway platform trains in and out
08 Subway ride
09 Port Authority bus terminal
10 Bus ride on board
11 Bus ride on board in traffic in tunnel
12 Chopper approaches lands and shuts down
13 Chopper flying over Manhattan
14 Chopper starting up and taking off
15 Chopper landing
16 Roadsweeping lorry in Central Park
17 Lorry reversing with beep and airbrakes
18 Big lorry horn
19 Police car siren
20 Fire engine siren and drives off
21 Fire engine siren
22 Ambulance siren
23 Siren in traffic
24 Central Park general atmosphere
25 Central Park kids playing
26 New York Marathon near finish
27 New York Marathon crowd cheering
28 Scaffolding being erected in Central Park
29 Police in Crowd Radio Static
30 Ice skating in cental park
31 Workmen working in subway entrance
32 Workmen hammering
33 Workmen drilling
34 Crowd in a large hall
35 Public library foyer
36 Public library reference room
37 Large shopping centre
38 Large shopping centre near cafe
39 Shopping mall at bus terminal
40 Public Toilets
41 Long echoey corridor full of people
42 Chinese Takeaway
43 Wheel nuts being power driven in garage
44 Monster jetty
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Royalty free professional sound effects available for immediate download in WAV and MP3 formats. All prices exclude VAT.

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